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Valentine's Day Gift

This Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate 35 years of Nia by giving away a dozen Nia workouts to you and yours.

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The Body's Way

Combine dance, Martial Arts, and the Healing Arts into one 55-minute workout guaranteed to center your mind, tone your body, and speak to your soul.

“This lyrical, dance-like routine is deceptively powerful, delivering a high-powered workout that will leave you strong and centered”Health Magazine Preview WorkoutsWhat is Nia?


Nia Workouts

Experience the magic of Nia through at-home dance workouts, podcasts, meditations and exclusive livestreams all at your fingertips.

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Nia workouts are a revolutionary way to get fit the body's way. With your subscription to NiaTV you can experience the magic of Nia workouts on demand. Currently available on AppleTV, iOS, Android, Roku & on the web.

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