• 2GETHER Workout

    4 videos

    One routine, many variations. Move the Nia Routine 2GETHER with Choreographers Megan MacArthuer + Sarah Nickerson, and then experience Nia MoveIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to the 2GETHER Playlist with Kelle Rae Oien.

    Keep watching NiaTV to see new variations of this routine coming soon...

  • “Mumbai Madness” 5-Minute Dance Break


    Routine Choreographer: FARCIA DE’TOLES

    Focus: Sensing all parts of your body

    Intent: To stay connected to pleasure and comfort

    Description: Activate your movement with visualization, vocal sounding, and Nia movement for all levels.

  • Wild Routine - 20 Minute Workout


    Routine Choreographer: ANN CHRISTIANSEN
    Focus: Agility, starting and stopping, stability, and readiness to move or stop.
    Intent: To listen + dance to the music and to self-heal + condition the body from the fingers to the toes.
    Description: This 20 minute workout is a taste of the Nia Movement Ar...

  • "Speck of Gold" 5-Minute Dance Break


    Routine Choreographer: ELISA RISQUEZ

    Focus: Movement of the head

    Intent: To consciously + energetically integrate the head into the whole body movement.

    Description: Somatically dive into pleasure and comfort, and enjoy this Nia movement art.

  • One Workout


    Welcome to ONE. You're invited to bring your own personal expression to your dance through ONE's emotional music and choreographed movement. Through the Joy of Movement, ONE honors your uniqueness while inviting you and your community to celebrate our collective ONEness.

    Through Nia we are ONE!...

  • "Rafiki" 5-Minute Dance Break


    Focus: Harmonious Spherical Motion

    Description: Join Sophie Marsh from Australia + experience Nia, a movement art for health + well-being.

  • "Let's Do It Again" 5-Minute Dance Break


    An upbeat, fun and inspiring dance for the whole body. Feel good fitness in just minutes. Dance with the Nia Training Faculty

    Choreographer: Martha Randall
    Focus: Hands and Arms
    Intent: Express Yourself

  • Ignite - 20 Minute Workout


    Routine Choreographer: ANN CHRISTIANSEN

    Focus: Finger, Hand and Upper Extremity Moves
    Intent: Self-Heal and condition the upper extremities and whole body

    Step into a dynamic Nia movement art experience, masterfully crafted using somatic guidance to help you learn Nia finger, hand and arm moves...

  • Body + Life Podcasts

    28 videos

  • Sacred - 20 Minute Workout


    The Nia 20+ minute workout “SACRED” is a sweet sweat-inducing movement art dance workout experience designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student. You’ll learn to personally your guide foot movement choices and use Nia moves to increase foot strength, stability, and mobility in you...

  • ResOnance Workout


    Choreographer: Debbie Rosas
    Release Date: May, 2020
    Difficulty: Beginner
    Focus: 7 Chakras
    Intent: stimulate an interactive relationship with the physical body layers you can touch and see, and with the energetic and spiritual layers you cannot see but can sense and connect with.
    Description: The...

  • "Now We Try" 5-Minute Dance Break


    Choreographer: River Plumb
    A signature of Nia is bare foot, sensuous and powerful movement where working out becomes a body-centered, integrated way of moving that connects you to the wisdom of the body. Nia’s multi-dynamic, multi-directional movement combine form and freedom, a variety of moveme...

  • "Dancing on Higher Ground" by 5-Minute Dance Break


  • 52 Moves
    21 videos

    52 Moves

    21 videos

    Nia 52 Moves feature 60-second dance interval workouts that condition the base, core, and extremities.

  • ResOnance FreeDance Workout


    Nia® ResOnance FreeDance workout - the NEWEST Nia program released on NiaTV.Fit. Two unique aspects of the Nia® BODY and LIFE Movement Art programming together: self-healing energy work, and healing sounds. Blending movement and music, each song begins with the sound of the crystal bowls, followe...

  • "Mokil Shebil" 5-Minute Dance Break


    There’s nothing better than a Nia Dance Break to get you up and
    moving. There is nothing better to lift your spirit than dancing Nia with Tuly Karmazin from
    Israel. Passion, joy and pleasure all rolled up into one.

  • Joy - 20 Minute Workout #2


    The Nia 20+ minute workout “Joy” is a sweet sweat-inducing movement art dance workout experience designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student. Cardiovascular and whole body conditioning with an emphasis on increasing stability and agility.

  • Ignite Workout


    Ignite activates your yin-yang energy flow, and your hara centers, to influence your movement by connecting to and moving from physical body centers.

    Unique to IGNITE is moving physically and energetically using breath and the body awareness of “centered” to seamlessly move and sense the qualiti...

  • Earthsong - Moving to Heal


    Choreographer: Holy Nastasi

    Release Date: September 2019

    Difficulty: Beginner

    Focus: The shoulder girdle, including both the clavicles and the shoulder blades.

    Intent: To stimulate mobility of the shoulder girdle, freeing up the movement of the arms and the spine.

  • "We Come Together" 5-Minute Dance Break


    A taste of Nia movement medicine, a few minutes of movement to
    get up and move to the expression of Jazz-fun showmanship and uninhibited expression
    of joy.

  • Feeling Workout



    Pelvis, Chest, Head and Spine Conditioning

    Focus: Engage in vertical core training and postural improvement while dancing the three body weights to the music.

  • "All That Matters" by 5-Minute Dance Break


    Debbie + Stuart thank you for your support of Nia. Spreading the love as they celebrate 21 years of marriage.

  • Bailando! Workout



    Fun, Latin, Dance Conditioning

    Focus: Move with passion and spice up your life with Bailando!

  • "Point of No Return" 5-Minute Dance Break


    Special thanks to Theresa Meyers from Michigan and the Nia Trainer Summit dancers bring
    their joy to “Point of Nia Return”! Thank you to the artist Nu Schooz Orchestra for this inspiring music.