Deep Dive - Moving to Heal

Deep Dive - Moving to Heal

Choreographer: Winalee Zeeb

Release Date: December, 2016

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: Be like water and connect to the liquid space within the body and with each movement you make.

Intent: Immerse into pleasurable sensations of sliding and gliding with spring-loaded joints. Mobilize the liquid inner space of your body and imagine moving and touching water around your body. Water is Life! Flow with aliveness.

Track List:

Happiness (Interlude) - Vargo
Awakening (Original Chorus Mix) - Vargo
Silence - Vargo
Speak to Me - Vargo
Goodbye Is a New Beginning - Vargo
Warriors (Album Version) [feat. Dan Millman] - Vargo
Good Life (Album Mix) - Vargo
Beauty (Album Mix) - Vargo
Slowdive - Vargo
Get Back to Serenity (Beach Mix) - Vargo
Dear Friends - Reprise (feat. Duncan Wong) - Vargo
Your Love - Vargo

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Deep Dive - Moving to Heal