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Beautiful Workout

Choreographer: Winalee Zeeb

Release Date: December, 2014

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: To Listen, Express, and Connect. Listen to the music and express your connection to the music. 

Intent: To compassionately condition your body, mind, spirit and heart in order to ignite a heartfelt “Yes!” sensation within the body. Sense for a somatic “Yes!” to activating healing, purpose, potential and possibility. Most importantly, choose to be inspired and have fun!

Track List:

  1. Bring It On - Jana Stanfield
  2. Open To Receive - Jana Stanfield
  3. Living Well - Jana Stanfield
  4. Sing, Love, Dance - Jana Stanfield
  5. All The Good - Jana Stanfield
  6. Staying In Yes - Jana Stanfield
  7. Living In The Flow - Jana Stanfield
  8. If I Were Brave - Jana Stanfield
  9. You Decide - Jana Stanfield
  10. Amazing Things - Jana Stanfield
  11. I Am One - Jana Stanfield
  12. I Wish You Strength - Jana Stanfield
  13. How Beautiful - Jana Stanfield

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Winalee Zeeb

Winalee gratefully shares the Joy of Nia, guiding practitioners on how Nia enhances our health and vitality on and off the dance floor.

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