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Bring It Workout

Choreographer: Holly Nastasi

Release Date: December, 2016

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: The focus of Bring It is Nia steps. Steps are among the tools we use to develop cardiovascular conditioning, along with the use of the three planes and the integration of the pelvis, chest, and head. 

Intent: To become sensitive to the sensations of our feet during Nia steps. Steps in this routine include the foot techniques of Toes In and Out and Parallel, Heel Lead, Stepping Back on the Ball of the Foot, Ball of the Foot and Whole Foot.

Track List:

  1. Dub Up - Deep Dive Corp.
  2. January - Silva
  3. In The Trees - Sunmonx
  4. Funkt - Spiral System
  5. The Whistler - Claude VonStroke
  6. Bring It - Pacifika
  7. The Withywood Walk - Eats Everything
  8. Boom Boom Boom (Senor Oz Remix)
  9. Okinawa - Silva
  10. About You - Deep Dive Corp.
  11. Blueprint - Bob Holroyd

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Holly Nastasi

Holly is a master instructor who dives deep into the Nia Technique and hopes it will bring joy and meaning into your life, as it has for her.

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