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Butterfly Workout

Choreographer: Debbie Rosas

Release Date: December, 2009

Difficulty: Level

Focus: The Upper Extremities: The Arms.

Intent: To stimulate awareness of systemic movement.

Track List:

  1. Winds From The East - Purekane
  2. Cry(Brown Bear Mix) - Afterlife
  3. The Way Of The Priest - Purekane
  4. Feel You - Govinda
  5. How Many More Years - No Logo
  6. Butterfly Heart - Chris Coco
  7. Summertime - Chris Coco
  8. On The Inside - Afterlife
  9. Miracle - Afterlife\

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Debbie Rosas

Debbie is the founder of Nia Technique, where she has been teaching dancers worldwide to embrace the joy of movement since 1983. 

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