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CELL-ebrate Workout

Choreographer: Adelle Brownlee Brewer
Release Date: June, 2017
Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: The focus of CELL-ebrate is the celebration of life itself. Celebrating you, your breath, your bones, your form, your freedom.

Intent: To bring fun, volume, resonance, and space to your cellular system.

Track List:

  1. Breaking Good - James Asher
  2. Capuba - SILVA
  3. Missing And Kissing - Deep Dive Corp.
  4. When The Monsoons Came - Bob Holroyd
  5. Bring On Brazil - James Asher
  6. Greasy Beat (Funk Bomb DJ Version) - Claude VonStroke
  7. Hey Wanaina - James Asher
  8. Los Cuentos - James Asher
  9. Water Down The Ganges - Prem Joshua

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Adelle Brewer

Adelle shares her 40 years of passion and love for teaching movement, breath, yoga, music therapy, meditation, and community connection.

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