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Deep Dive - Moving To Heal

Choreographer: Winalee Zeeb
Release Date: December, 2016
Difficulty: Beginner

Focus and Intent:
Be like water and connect to the liquid space within the body and with each movement you make. Immerse into pleasurable sensations of sliding and gliding with spring-loaded joints. Mobilize the liquid inner space of your body and imagine moving and touching water around your body. Water is Life! Flow with aliveness.

As you connect to fluid movement from move to move and song to song, notice the enhanced ease of mobility. You may also become aware of benefits to all aspects of your being - the flow of your thoughts, emotions and unique spirit - as you dance through life. The choreography invites you to sense for stability in the base steps and stances in order to provide ease of mobility in your core and upper extremities.

Track List:

  1. Happiness (Interlude) - Vargo
  2. Awakening (Original Chorus Mix) - Vargo
  3. Silence - Vargo
  4. Speak to Me - Vargo
  5. Goodbye Is a New Beginning - Vargo
  6. Warriors (Album Version) [feat. Dan Millman] - Vargo
  7. Good Life (Album Mix) - Vargo
  8. Beauty (Album Mix) - Vargo
  9. Slowdive - Vargo
  10. Get Back to Serenity (Beach Mix) - Vargo
  11. Dear Friends - Reprise (feat. Duncan Wong) - Vargo
  12. Your Love - Vargo

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Winalee Zeeb

Winalee gratefully shares the Joy of Nia, guiding practitioners on how Nia enhances our health and vitality on and off the dance floor.

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