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Feeling Routine

Choreographers: Casey Bernstein, Kelle Rae Oien, Megan MacArthur, and Winalee Zeeb
Release Date: December, 2013
Difficulty: Intermediate

Focus and Intent:
The focus is “Dancing the Three Body Weights to the Music,” with the intent being to use the 7 Core moves and integrate the spine, pelvis, chest, and head.

FEELING is an upbeat routine that stimulates the nervous system while strengthening the core. The music is a mix of melodic and funk inspired rhythms that motivate and inspire you to let loose with power, grace, feelings and emotion.

Track List:

  1. From Russia With Love (Alaska Mix) - Matt Darey
  2. Touched By God - Katcha
  3. Soultrippin’ - Attila
  4. It’s Hot - Funf D
  5. The Pull - Friend Within
  6. Lost Harpist - David Freedom
  7. Kling Klang - The Frequency
  8. Come Away - Acronym
  9. A Day Unnoticed - The Frequency