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Go Routine

Choreographer: Holly Nastasi

Release Date: August, 2018

Focus: Movement in all directions including in-out, up-down, side-to-side, forward-back, over-under, across, around and through.  The focus of directions provides great functional conditioning by training the body to move easily in any direction. When we are conscious of our direction choices, we can maintain stability and avoid falling or loosing our balance. 

Intent: To enhance our spatial awareness. Being aware of the space around us provides safety and security, enhancing our confidence and movement skill. We stay more connected to our bodies and the moment by sensing spatial awareness. Step consciously and with intent as you step into GO.

Track list:

  1. Mongolia On the Line - Eccodek
  2. Mobius - Lis Addison
  3. Power of the Hair (Ft. King Dread James) (Original Mix) - Oded Nir
  4. Impossible Love (Gino Christiano Remix) - Oded Nir
  5. In Love Again (Asi Tal Deep Mix) - Meital De Razon
  6. Midnight Snacker (JT Donaldson Mix) - Oded Nir
  7. Again and Again (Steven Stone Instrumental Remix) - Oded Nir Ft. Chappell
  8. Flutter Vision (Instrumental) - Shiny Objects
  9. Under The Spell (Luke Mandala Remix) - Kaya Project
  10. Pulses - Adani & Wolf
  11. All Our Souls (Outro) - Worthy

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Holly Nastasi

Holly is a master instructor who dives deep into the Nia Technique and hopes it will bring joy and meaning into your life, as it has for her.

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