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Grateful Workout

Choreographer: Debbie Rosas

Release Date: December, 2015

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: Multidimensional.

Intent: To use the eyes to engage the pelvis, chest, head, and spine, and/or the joints and emotional expression to bring the moves to life in a deeply personal way.

  1. Teiva - Steve Rokosh
  2. Le Trublion - Robin Cuvelier
  3. You And I - Nenna Yvonne
  4. Gamma Ray (Balearic Disco Mix) - Martin Broden
  5. That's what I Like - Kelsi Luck
  6. Crazy Knowledge (Soul of Man remix) - Dreadzone
  7. Get Up - Badmarsh & Shri
  8. Sex Drive (M&B's Instructor Mix) - Private Productions
  9. Angel On My Shoulder - Kaskade
  10. Birds of Night - Kyle Devine ft. Charlie Maniaci
  11. Luscious (Macroterrainian Mix) - Random Rab
  12. Grateful - Nimesh Patel & Daniel Nahmod

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Debbie Rosas

Debbie is the founder of Nia Technique, where she has been teaching dancers worldwide to embrace the joy of movement since 1983. 

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