NiaTV |

Joy Routine

Choreographer: Ann Christiansen
Release Date: December, 2015
Difficulty: Beginner

Focus and Intent:
The focus is the sensation of joy. The intent is for you to you to listen and dance to the music. Connect to the sensation of joy as life force, and to use this sensation as stimulation to flood your whole body and 50 trillion cells with vitality and healthy energy.

Nia choreography is our way to connect and continue to educate the Nia Professional. Use this album as a powerful movement tool to discover more about your own form and freedom. We have carefully crafted this to offer you an in-depth somatic experience. It is designed to increase your teaching vocabulary, giving you new music, a unique focus, and specific movement patterns. Once you have experienced and integrated the whole of this routine begin to alter and adjust it by changing the focus, shifting front kicks to back kicks, shifting movement forms, and using the Nia 8BC Music System to put the moves to new music. Enjoy and have fun! We encourage you to be creative and build upon the foundation we have provided.

Track List:

  1. When We Dance on Glass We Bleed Happily Ever After - The Frequency
  2. Lay Your Sorrows Down - Bluetech & Katrina Blackstone
  3. Sister (PMFM’s Less Is More Remake) - Deep Dive Corp. ft Dennis Le Gree
  4. Mussiki e (Jungle Mix) - Miango
  5. We Come Together (Fishy Beat Mix) - Goldfish ft. Sakhile Moleshe
  6. Let’s Do It Again - Goldfish ft. Freshlyground
  7. Swing Ain’t That - KB Swing
  8. Little Ditty - Deep Dive Corp. ft. Dennis Le Gree
  9. Change - Bluetech & Katrina Blackstone
  10. Earthian - T
  11. When We Dance on Glass We Bleed Happily Ever After - The Frequency