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Life Workout

Choreographer: Ann Christiansen

Release Date: March, 2017

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: The focus of LIFE is to sense one’s ‘life force’ and how each Nia move, song, cycle, and choreography can come alive through the engagement of the body’s core. 

Intent: The intent of LIFE is to enliven the chakra centers, simplify, slow down and stay longer in each movement while embodying the ‘learn-move-energize’ three-step process each time you dance to it.

Track List:

  1. Moon Walking - Bjarno
  2. Only U - DJ Pippi
  3. Green Sophia - Bluetech
  4. Moving Clouds - Bjarno
  5. Bust Da Drop - Discowboyz
  6. Diggin’ on You - Elekfantz
  7. Balanca (Nao Pode Parar!) - Bossacucanova
  8. What Silence Said - Susheela Raman
  9. Leaving Babylon - Bluetech
  10. Lift Your Gaze - Minna Twice
  11. Azur - Troels Hammer

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Ann Christiansen

Ann shares her skill of combining body-centered Nia choreography to music landscapes that allow every teacher and Nia student to embody the Joy of Movement.

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