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Ride Workout

Choreographer: Ann Christiansen
Release Date: December, 2017
Difficulty: Beginner

Focus and Intent:
Ride focuses on hands and their connection to the heart and to functional, integrative conditioning.

The intent of Ride is to use the hands to touch and connect with space, thereby helping you move safely and efficiently and functionally condition the whole body by integrating the upper body and lower body. Using your hands as sensory communicators you are encouraged to sense and open the front, sides and back of the body, and to functionally engage your “shoulder blades,” the bony wings resting over the back of your ribcage that are designed to slide and glide.

Use your hands and become aware of the sensation of greater freedom in the shoulder girdle: sensing comfort in your body’s two shallow shoulder joints; free movement in your body’s two triangle shaped shoulder blades, and ease of movement in your body’s two s-shaped clavicles.

Track list:

  1. Awareness (Intro) - Deep Dive Corp.
  2. Ride - Deep Dive Corp. & Ingrid Chavez
  3. Mokil Shebil - Mashti Meets Deep Dive Corp.
  4. Nia’s Coastline - Deep Dive Corp.
  5. Shine (Nia Version) - Deep Dive Corp.
  6. Gentle - Deep Dive Corp.
  7. Guitaria (Dive Deeper Remix) - Deep Dive Corp.
  8. Go - Deep Dive Corp.
  9. Awareness (Outro) - Deep Dive Corp.