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Sacred - Moving To Heal

Choreographer: Jule Aguirre
Release Date: July, 2018
Difficulty: Beginner

Focus and Intent:
Focus: The core of the body. Your pelvis, chest, head, and spine.

Intent: To use movement, sound, and emotion to increase vitality that moves through your core and subsequently your whole body.

The only bone that can be voluntarily moved in the cranium is the jawbone. For this reason, emphasis is given to relax and drop the jawbone to effectively encourage mobility up and down the spine and into the sacrum.

Track List:

  1. All Colours Pt. 3 - Bob Holroyd
  2. Factor 30 - Bjarno
  3. Sunday Morning, Up All Night - NYXYSS
  4. One Hundred Lights (Grouch Remix) - Kaya Project
  5. Bollywood Drums - Desert Dwellers
  6. Mumbai Madness - Mashti
  7. Father Space - Troels Hammer