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Soul Workout

Choreographer: Britta von Tagen

Release Date: December, 2012

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: The 52 Moves.

Intent: To bring dance into the language of Nia.

Track List:

  1. Medicine Man’s Other Room - Oliver Shanti & Friends
  2. May You Walk In Sunshine - Sacred Spirit
  3. Red Storm Rising - Douglas Spotted Eagle
  4. Warrior’s Ring - Geoffrey Gordon
  5. Victory Dance - Mystic Rhythms
  6. Yanni Hu Wey - One At Last
  7. Sioux War Dance - Shawnee
  8. Indian Trance - Hilight Tribe
  9. House Made of Dawn Light - Douglas Spotted Eagle
  10. Tears Alone - Douglas Spotted Eagle

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Britta Von Tagen

Britta thrives on educating diverse learning styles through her teaching style and applies her teaching credentials towards helping people learn about their learning through music and creative movement.

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