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Velvet Workout

Choreographer: Debbie Rosas ~ Co-Creator of Nia

Release Date: December, 2009

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: The Upper Extremities: Hands.

Intent: To teach you to use your hands to connect your upper body with your lower body, conditioning your upper body, protecting your joints, engaging your core and increasing awareness of using your hands in choreography.

Track List:

  1. Your Sincerely - Bhakta
  2. Oolong Journey - Purekane & ThoSho
  3. Lovin’ Music (Justin Le Mar Remix)
  4. Show Me Something - Afterlife
  5. Let Your Soul Guide Your Heart - Rodney Hunter
  6. National Dobro - Afterlife
  7. Don’t Deny My Love - Physics
  8. Free - Illumine
  9. How Does It Feel - Afterlife
  10. Spring Again - Faberge

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Debbie Rosas

Debbie is the founder of Nia Technique, where she has been teaching dancers worldwide to embrace the joy of movement since 1983. 

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