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Wild - Moving to Heal

Choreographer: Caroline Kohles

Release Date: March, 2019

Difficulty: Beginner

Focus: Reflexive conditioning as an automatic response from the nervous system to a stimulus.

Intent: Mediating the restriction of muscles through a conducting system in the body that sends information to motor nerves and muscles, which is a specialized effector mechanism. In the routine “Wild” you stimulate reflexive conditioning using sound, emotion, and agility start-stop action. 

Track List:

  1. Foreigner - The Wild Reeds
  2. When I Go - The Wild Reeds
  3. Aho - Ara Lee
  4. Born - Ara Lee
  5. Neanderthal Love - Star Sounds Orchestra
  6. Show Me Your Love - Cosmic Vibration
  7. Alien Craft - Cosmic Vibration
  8. Let No Grief - The Wild Reeds
  9. Blues Slide 3 - Terry Robb
  10. Blues Slide 2 - Terry Robb
  11. Blues Slide 1 - Terry Robb
  12. VaggVisa - Cancrie

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