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Wild Workout

Choreographer: Debbie Rosas
Release Date: October, 2017
Difficulty: Beginner

Focus and Intent:
Reflexive conditioning as an automatic response from the nervous system to a stimulus.

A reflexive muscular action restricts some muscles while stimulating others, whereby the direct antagonists of the motion become inhibited. This action is mediated through a conducting system in the body that sends information to motor nerves and muscles, which is a specialized effector mechanism. In the routine “Wild” you stimulate reflexive conditioning using sound, emotion, and agility start-stop action.

Unique to the routine “Wild” is how songs 5, 6 and 7 are meant to be altered, giving you time to work with the skill level of your group. Song 5 gives you time to place attention on teaching the Base, and in song 6, the Core, and in song 7, the Upper Extremities. Together, this playlist helps develop a relaxed and dynamic relationship with your students using start and stop actions.