Single Song Choreography - "We Can Do Better" by

Single Song Choreography - "We Can Do Better" by

Free Song Download - CLICK HERE

1. Record yourself, your class, or your community dancing to our featured song
2. Upload your video to Youtube and/or your preferred social media platform
3. Hashtag your post with these keywords:
#nia #niatchnique #wecandobetter #niachoreographychallenge #movement #wellness #health #niadancechallenge #dance #choreography
4. Share your video with the world and tag us where applicable

Nia will be watching and sharing our favorite videos.

Special thanks to choreographer Debbie-Lee Van Ginkel from Cambodia, and the Nia Trainer Summit dancers who brought the messaging of the song “We Can Do Better” to life! Thank you to the artist for gifting this FREE download of his song to Nia and the world, which as magic and alchemy would have it was written and recorded before we chose 2020 as the year to promote “Healer Heal Thyself” with our byline being We Can Do Better. Throughout this year we will work together to create better.

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Single Song Choreography - "We Can Do Better" by