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  • 2GETHER - Nia Moving To Heal with Jule Aguirre

  • 2GETHER - Nia 52 Moves Workout with Christina Mae Wolf

    In this 60-minute full-body workout, you'll learn the form and technique for each of the Nia 52 moves and also learn how to personalize them for your body and find freedom and joy in your movement.

    This class is perfect for beginners and those new-to-Nia as well as for experience Nia students wh...

  • 2GETHER Workout

    5 videos

    One routine, many variations. Move the Nia Routine 2GETHER with Choreographers Megan MacArthuer + Sarah Nickerson, and then experience Nia MoveIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to the 2GETHER Playlist with Kelle Rae Oien.

    Keep watching NiaTV to see new variations of this routine coming soon...

  • Wild Routine - 20 Minute Workout


    Routine Choreographer: ANN CHRISTIANSEN
    Focus: Agility, starting and stopping, stability, and readiness to move or stop.
    Intent: To listen + dance to the music and to self-heal + condition the body from the fingers to the toes.
    Description: This 20 minute workout is a taste of the Nia Movement Ar...

  • "Speck of Gold" 5-Minute Dance Break


    Routine Choreographer: ELISA RISQUEZ

    Focus: Movement of the head

    Intent: To consciously + energetically integrate the head into the whole body movement.

    Description: Somatically dive into pleasure and comfort, and enjoy this Nia movement art.

  • One Workout


    Welcome to ONE. You're invited to bring your own personal expression to your dance through ONE's emotional music and choreographed movement. Through the Joy of Movement, ONE honors your uniqueness while inviting you and your community to celebrate our collective ONEness.

    Through Nia we are ONE!...

  • "Rafiki" 5-Minute Dance Break


    Focus: Harmonious Spherical Motion

    Description: Join Sophie Marsh from Australia + experience Nia, a movement art for health + well-being.

  • "Let's Do It Again" 5-Minute Dance Break


    An upbeat, fun and inspiring dance for the whole body. Feel good fitness in just minutes. Dance with the Nia Training Faculty

    Choreographer: Martha Randall
    Focus: Hands and Arms
    Intent: Express Yourself

  • Ignite - 20 Minute Workout


    Routine Choreographer: ANN CHRISTIANSEN

    Focus: Finger, Hand and Upper Extremity Moves
    Intent: Self-Heal and condition the upper extremities and whole body

    Step into a dynamic Nia movement art experience, masterfully crafted using somatic guidance to help you learn Nia finger, hand and arm moves...

  • Body + Life Podcasts

    28 videos